Corland x Iroko

Corland x Iroko

Jumper Prospect
Amsterdam, Netherlands
$20,000 - $35,000
Dutch Warmblood

Priced low-mid 20's including import/cem, fresh vetting and existing recent x-rays to NY

4yo [2013] Dapple Bay Mare 15.2hh/15.3hh. Xrayed good. Incredibly good
jumper, moves very good also, can go in any number of directions:
showjumping, eventing or hunter classes. A very serious competition horse
despite her small size she has all the scope you could ask for, is naturally
careful and brave. Beautiful model with pretty head and striking dapple
markings. Approx 44% TB blood. Very easy horse, when she came to us she had
bridle and saddle on only with a rider learning over. Super sweet horse she
is easy to do in every respect and not-mareish. Three weeks later and she is
going in a natural outline with established walk/trot, a good basic canter
and even beginning of flying changes!!! She hasn't put a foot wrong and is
an easy bring-on project for anyone with young horse experience. We will
continue to focus on her flatwork until sale and her price will go up
accordingly. Now is the perfect time to buy into a very capable horse at a
rock-bottom bargain price. She can only increase in value from here on so
producer/resellers you really cannot lose with this horse. Suitable for
ambitious amateurs wanting a top competition prospect, also suitable for
traders to produce to re-sell for profit. Incredibly well bred; the dam is
Prestatie awarded and has already given us 1x international 1.60m Grand Prix
jumper, 2x 1.35m jumpers and 1x 1.40m jumper. Further back down this damline
I find numerous more grand prix jumpers, Prix St George dressage horses and
several approved breeding stallions. She makes an interesting breeding
proposition long-term.

Located in Holland


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