Cint One Thousand

Cint One Thousand

Sale, Lease
2'6" - 2'9", 3'0" - 3'3", 3'6"
0.75m - 1.00m, 1.00m - 1.15m, 1.15m - 1.30m, 1.30m - 1.45m
2'6" - 2'9", 3'0" - 3'3", 3'6" - 3'9"
FALLBROOK, CA United States
$50,000 - $75,000

Clinton is a secure 1,35m jumper with tons of show experience.

Despite his large size he shows an astounding rideability: always relaxed and supple with great flexibility. He will go round with the touch of your little finger, jumps perfect changes all the time without exception, is always responsive (without spurs) and jumps anything without looking at it. (Water, walls etc....)

He is equally flexible to both sides. An entirely resistance free horse - pure joy to ride!

He was recently imported and was owned by a private party in Germany all of his life and his upbringing reflects it. He is a fun loving character who enjoys human attention and his training has happened carefully and targeted. This horse is at the best age in his life, with extensive show experience and despite his large size: 100% sound! He is sold with a full set of new, clean x-rays.

Clinton  was ridden'jumped by a young lady  (amateur rider) in Germany and they even show a 3rd place in a 1,35m speed jumping competition gainst the stiff competition in Germany in his show  records. This horse is extremely athletic and versatile! However by nature he is always relaxed and calm and will do his job reliably anywhere with anybody.

He has jumped safely here since his arrival with a little 12 yr old girl who has only jumped 2x in her life before. No problem. He jumps virtually on auto-pilot and lets any rider look great!  We also took him to his first show in the US and he performed as calm and experienced as expected. 

Clinton will  make a fantastic  upper level EQ-horse due ot his solid flat work and big jumping scope.

An very flashy gelding with big gaits, a big jump,  and a beautiful mind!

He is located in San Diego County/CA

Priced in the mid 60s



San Diego
United States
Phone: 760-458-1329
Fax: 760-731-3103

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